4th year of L´Alqueria del Basket (2020 - 2021)

L'Alqueria del Basket continued at full capacity in a fourth season still marked by the pandemic. The facility continued to be an example of maximum safety and health guarantees so that the activity was maintained throughout the season uninterruptedly with training, games, activities, tournaments and much more.

The activity doesn't stop

  • A total of 13,593 hours of occupancy thanks to the work carried out in the area of hygiene
  • Training hours reached 6,258 and 789 matches were played
  • 539 male and female players made up the 50 youth teams led by the 60 coaches in charge of their training

Growth in social media

  • More than 5,000 new followers compared to last season, a greater increase than was seen last year
  • A total of 26,500 followers, up from 21,200 last season
  • The activities carried out continue to attract media attention with more than 300 press releases published

More prominence for the Alqueria del Basket Label

  • In a year in which international competitions were postponed, a total of 22 players and 5 coaches were included in the FEB call-ups
  • A total of three players registered their name in the Mur dels Somnis: Claudia Contell, Millán Jiménez and Paula García

More sporting successes came

  • The EBA team won a place for LEB Silver, the third division of Spanish men's basketball, in the Promotion Phase organized in La Fonteta
  • The U16 women’s team won the first Spanish Championship title in the history of the Club
  • The U14 women's team won the silver medal in the Spanish Championship
  • The women's Senior B team was at the gates of promotion to Liga Femenina 2

New international services

  • Sharing the L'Alqueria del Basket model with other clubs, schools and academies with the collaboration of R&O Eventos
  • Consultancy and training management, training camps, international campus, coach training, tryouts, international tournaments and L'Alqueria Academy
  • L'Alqueria Academy completed its second season with a growing number of participants

The Alqueria model is expanded

  • We are taking the Culture of Endeavour around the world thanks to the agreements we reached with other clubs and academies
  • Nationally, the agreements range from CRiC Ses Salines to the Rookie Basket Academy in Ibiza and Asturias
  • Internationally, some examples are Assist Basketball from Australia, LKS Szkola Gortata from Poland, CDD Asunción from Paraguay or the Reading Rockets from UK

L'Alqueria LAB continues to innovate

  • The first basketball chair at Spain grew with new training days and seminars in cross-cutting areas
  • The number of research projects with national and international universities increased
  • The Nutrinext Project, the injury risk assessment project with the UCH CEU or the project with the IBV are some examples

The training of coaches is consolidated

  • Step forward with the certification of the University of Valencia and the validation of the FEB for its coaching courses
  • Around 900 coaches followed the training sessions in person and online
  • Protagonists of the stature of Josep María Izquierdo, Diego Ocampo, Lluis Riera or the Valencia Basket women's team coach Rubén Burgos
  • The Youth Procoach was held for youth teams coaches, as well as the international scouting course

Safe venue for tournaments

  • Euroleague Basketball made a double bet for its Adidas Next Generation Tournament qualifying tournament and also for the finals
  • The FEB chose the facilities, with the Fonteta as the main arena, for the promotion phase from EBA to LEB Plata
  • The Spanish 3x3 went through L'Alqueria for one of its many tournaments during the season with Onil or Next MVP as participants

Numerous sporting and business events

  • A total of 1,191 hours occupied in the facility for the celebration of sporting and business events
  • Some examples are the meetings of the Spanish national team, the Annual Assembly of IVEFA, the Exhibition "Women's Basketball Revolution" or the recording of a Masterchef Junior program with the players and coaches of the taronja youth team as protagonists

Activities are also growing

  • A total of 1,561 attendees at the Summer Camps in Calvestra, Women's Technification, the Summer Schools in L'Alqueria and Iale, the Christmas Camp and School and the Easter Camp and School and the recently launched Fallas School
  • New activities were announced for the following summer, such as the Camp Ses Salines in Ibiza and the Camp Rookie Basket Academy in Asturias
  • The Senior League completed its second season with 22 teams, an increase of 9 teams over the previous year
AdB Hoops, cada vez más internacional

AdB Hoops, increasingly international

  • The bimonthly publication exceeds 3,000 users and now reaches more than 70 countries
  • It reached 11 issues published with great personalities such as Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, coaches like Dimitris Itoudis or Frank Vogel, or FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis

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