L’Alqueria del Basket is the work of the Valencian architecture studio ERRE Arquitectura. Its construction involved 230 workers and 45 companies, 90% of them from Valencia.

The works began in April 2016, and ended last August, so they have been completed in only 16 months and this has allowed the inauguration of the date initially scheduled for the end of 2017, to September 27.

This record time has been possible thanks to the will of everyone and to the good coordination of the people in charge of the project. L'Alqueria del Basket is built on municipal land, assigned for the next 50 years, after which the plot and facilities will be reverted to the city of Valencia.

General plane

L’Alqueria del Basket it has 13 basketball courts, 9 of them covered and equipped with state-of-the-art parquet, and 4 of them outdoor, in which you can get to celebrate up to 13 games simultaneously. One of the indoor courts is located in an individual venue and is prepared for elite training and other training matches.

The 13 tracks of L’Alqueria del Basket they are divided into three rows with four tracks each, next to a main track separated from the rest (lower left of the image). The two rows of covered tracks are separated by a central axis of services that in the lower floor will contain the changing rooms and the gymnasium, and that in the upper floor will be the passage area to be able to see the activity in each of the tracks. At the bottom, the four outer tracks.

Its innovative design seeks to take advantage of light and other natural resources to maximize energy efficiency, polycarbonate is the material that allows it.

Plano L'Alqueria del Basket
Pista principal L'Alqueria del Basket

The main courts

Located on one of the sides of L'Alqueria del Basket, it is designed and equipped to perform elite training and play matches of training leagues. This track has a grandstand with capacity for 500 spectators, also prepared for people with reduced mobility.

The track is decorated with trencadis mosaics made by the Roig Alfonso Foundation with materials supplied by Pamesa Cerámica.

Interior courts

L’Alqueria del Basket it has eight interior tracks in addition to the main track, divided into two rows of four fully symmetrical tracks, classified as odd and even. All the tracks can be privatized through curtains downpipes, to achieve greater privacy during a workout.

From the top, the spectators can comfortably see the development of the trainings and with a privileged vision. Each of the tracks is equipped with its own video scoreboard, as well as themed with the colors and logos of Valencia Basket and L'Alqueria del Basket.

Pista exterior L'Alqueria del Basket

Outside courts

The outer courts, dedicated to the training basketball of the smallest, have adjustable baskets according to the need of the type of competition that is played.

The outdoor courts are also used to organize competitions such as Street Basket, 3x3, minibasket, or village area to complement events, among other possibilities.

Fitness center

250 meters designed for the simultaneous work of two teams. Machines of the latest technology, baskets to practice the shot in addition to the most specific material to work on specific aspects of the world of basketball.

Medical and physiotherapy rooms

Two individual boxes, equipped with ultrasound. Physiotherapy room with four stretchers and ice machine. Specific meeting room and rehabilitation room aimed at treating the last phase of long-term injuries before returning to the parquet floor.

Coinnovation meeting room

With capacity for 70 people, this room is equipped with projector, computer, WiFi connection, public address and natural and artificial light. With the possibility of hosting both video sessions and press conferences or work meetings.

Sala Coinnovación L'Alqueria del Basket
Sala Miki Vukovic L'Alqueria del Basket

Miki Vukovic meeting room

Meeting room equipped with WiFi, electronic screen, projector and whiteboard. It has a capacity of 30 people. It is named after one of the club's legends, Miki Vukovic, a coach who managed to win the Copa del Rey in 1999.

June 16, 2017 meeting romm

Under the name of the date on which Valencia Basket won the Endesa League, this study room, with capacity for 30 people, is also equipped with projector, WiFi and electronic whiteboard.

Sala 16 de Junio L'Alqueria del Basket

Our stats


Square meters of surface


Million euros of investment


Basketball courts: 9 indoor and 4 outdoor


Symmetric enclosures with 4 tracks each


Main hall with capacity for 250 extendable spectators


Study room for sport-studies conciliation


Mur dels Somnis with the names of the players who have grown up in the School and have debuted with the first team


Indoor tracks with a capacity for 120 people each expandable



Professionals: coaches, doctors, trainers and organization staff

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